Tuesday, February 11, 2014

New blog + winter in Kansas!

I will be the first to admit that I do not adjust to change gracefully.

I am still getting used to Kansas' weather extremes- last week roughly a foot of snow came down on us. I hate it. Toki, my shepherd mix, loves it. Grape Man pretends to be indifferent, but secretly he's dreaming of busting out a sled and ice skates. 

Grape Man is my beloved husband. Why is my husband nicknamed Grape Man you may ask? Because when he was little he believed that if he ate the dried, wrinkly malformed grapes in the bunch it would bestow him with super powers. Plus he is naturally sweet.

He really is a hoot.

I digress. Being perpetually snowed in has led to an explosion of creative prowess. Thus I have decided to start a blog. 

Writing has always been a joy for me. I find most things in life humorous, so you will find a lot of stories and musings here. I am also budget-conscious, so you'll find some of those ideas, too. Life as a military spouse has enlightened me to many new things, and I hope to share those experiences with you as well. 

Greetings from Grape Man and I!

Toki as well.

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