Monday, March 31, 2014

Products I am obsessed with...

With the new year came many promises and resolutions to be healthier and more active. One resolution I had in particular was try push myself to use natural products whenever possible, and so far I have been pleasantly surprised. Here are a few of my favorites- let's take a looksee (and excuse my background photos...must keep my family pictures nearby, you know):

1) Bungalow360 bags:

I can't say enough about these faboosh bags. They're cute, inexpensive (but not cheap!), and incredibly well-made. These clever packs take a beating, friends. Made from strong canvas and water-based dyes, they are completely vegan and earth friendly. I bought the walrus print pocket tote from Amazon for around $45.00.They make a great gift as an everyday bag or a diaper bag. Love.

2) Zum Mist by Indigo Wild:

Talk about a punch in a bottle. This stuff is great as a body mist, a room spray, and to get out general stank. I keep this in my purse to spray on myself when I need a pick-me-up. It's great for freshening spaces too- especially if you drive a small car and have a large dog that gets funky in any sort of heat. They make at least 20 different scents, all with natural essential oils. Great price at $7.99, and the best part? No animal testing.

3) EOS lip balm and lotions:

A word of warning- this stuff is not your run-of-the-mill cheapie lip balm. You will start to guard this stuff with your life. When you live in Kansas, you become obsessed with lip balm because the wind is so bad. Both the lotions and the balms come in cute, round shaped containers. The products are organic and have fantastic flavors and scents (balms have flavors, lotions have scents...don't sue me for eating lotion, people). My only gripe? The purse sized lotions are a little small, so either go for the big bottle or use carefully. Again, no animal testing and its organic, so you're not cramming tons of chemicals into your body. It's a win-win.

4) Tazo "Zen" tea:

This tea has become more popular over the years thanks to Starbucks- its a great product with a fresh, springy taste. Honestly, you don't need a sweetener with this one folks- the herbs mask the "bitter" factor that some green teas have. Crisp, clear, and clean, this is a great tea for mornings or afternoons- both hot and iced.

All products are Johnson houseguest approved:

A stray named Max we found and kept for the night before we found his family in the morning. Toki was not thrilled.

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