Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Struggle City

Hello all! This month has brought about a slew of adventures and challenges while my husband is away. The Army sent his unit on a training exercise, so I have about a month here by myself. No big deal- other deployments have been WAY longer, so i'm thankful. It's just me and Toki until the end of March, and the first week has already proven to be eventful. Some highlights:

1) Toki's busted paw led to a vet visit involving many booster shots and blood work. Three people were needed to hold him down and a muzzle was involved. To be fair, the vet did these procedures as fast as she could, and he needed them for his overall well-being. Have you ever heard a large dog cry? It's sad to say the least. Pilling him with antibiotics daily has been a breeze (lie)!

2) My beloved Honda decided that since my husband is away, its time to start flashing the check-engine light! Fearing I would be late for work, I jumped in my husbands truck instead, only to find that it had NO gasoline in it. Never fear! AAA is here!

3) I have become a vegetarian! It has been a fantastic experience so far. I feel amazing and my mood (and stomach) have definitely improved. It is confusing for local friends, though- they don't understand why vegetarians exist in the BBQ capital of the world. I explain that BBQ sauce is easily usable on broccoli, and they look as if they are ready to notify the local authorities.

4) I am being a faboosh neighbor and throwing a party (complete with bonfire) this weekend! Toki has a fancy new shirt to wear for it that will probably be shredded in two minutes. He tore through a busy bone in half an hour yesterday.

The busy bone that has left him not-so-busy.

5) If you pack a vacuum cleaner with dog hair, it may burst into flame.

6) Every spooky noise you hear at night will convince you that Patrick Bateman is about to jump out of your hamper.

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