Thursday, March 20, 2014

We're Coming Down to the End!

After a long month, we're getting close to the time my husband is due home. When your spouse leaves for a block of time, a few things will happen to you. You eat cereal for dinner a lot. You quit caring where dog hair ends up (including on your person). You spend a lot at the grocery store and end up with too much food that you have zero motivation to cook. In a sense, you revert back to the state you were in back in your college days.

However, my neighbors and friends have been supportive. My party ended up going VERY well- lots of people showed up, and a fun time was had by all.

However, there was one bump in the road- we couldn't get the fire going. If you have ever lived in the Midwest, the wind is a literal constant. On this night in particular, we were expected to get thundersnow and winds in excess of 40 mph (this is a normal thing...). The thundersnow never happened, but the wind sure did. After twenty minutes of failed attempts to get the fire going with dryer lint, different lighters, and newspapers, we decided it needed some kindling.

Being the brave Viking woman I am, I grabbed my husbands axe out of the garage. I took it to the backyard, completely prepared to decimate the first pitiful tree I could find. I lifted the axe, bright it down strongly on a tree branch, and it promptly ricocheted backwards, flying out of my hands.

I looked like Pauletta Bunyan.

There are a few lessons to be learned from this situation. 1) Don't try to have a bonfire in the spring in the Midwest; 2) Good friends will not judge you when you throw weaponry around your yard; and 3) sometimes its better to quit while you're ahead. Board games are often better than fires.

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